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Darius Rucker talked to The Today Shows Harry Smith and told him that he recalls being told during radio station visits that his music wouldn’t be played because he’s Black.

He said, “Really, you get to the point where you go, ‘That’s just how it is.’ But I can’t live like that anymore …”

Rucker also said that he’s been stopped by police. “Of course, when they recognize me, everything’s cool. I know I wasn’t speeding. I got stopped ’cause I was a black guy in an expensive car.”

He also talked about his children Daniella, Carline and Jack, saying, “Watching them go through this … They’re just at that age now when they have to look at it, especially my son. My son’s the youngest, and he’s about to start driving.”

Rucker adds alluding to the frequent deaths of black men and women, “I don’t want that for my boy. I don’t want that for my daughters. I don’t want that for anybody.”

Darius did say that the recent protests and calls for change that have been taking place in the United States in recent weeks “feels different, ” adding “and I hope I’m right.”