WKML Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Lauren Alaina is always bright and upbeat and her Mini Concert was no exception. She performed Getting Good, The Other Side, and Somebody Else’s Problem. We learned more about new music she’s been working on, her positive look on quarantine, and what was one of the most emotional songs she’s ever written.


Lauren just released an EP in March, but she’s been working tirelessly on a new album. “I’ve had a lot of big things happen in the last few years, and I want to make sure I showcase all of them in some way.”


Lauren notes that Getting Good  has an ironic meaning now because we’ve all had to adapt to staying home. “We are connecting with ourselves again and slowing down for a minute and that’s what Getting Good  is all about. It’s all about being thankful for where you are right now.”


The Other Side  is one of the most emotional songs Lauren has ever written, “I wrote it about my stepdad Sam who passed away in October of 2018 from stage four cancer.”


After trying to get rid of her first car, Lauren learned that she gets attached to things, so she decided to write about it with Somebody Else’s Problem.  “I wrote this song about staying in a relationship longer than you should and knowing that you need to move on and you just don’t for whatever reason.”