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Luke Bryan appeared on “Good Morning America” to talk about the ABC “CMA Best Of Fest” special that aired last night (7/13), and he answered some fun questions with the hosts.

When asked what song he would write during this quarantine to sum it up, Luke said, “My wife (Caroline) and I, we’ve had to re-learn…we’ve been together for quite a while and I’m pretty proud because you know there are some divorces going around out there. You know these quarantine divorces, but my wife and I were like better than ever.”

Luke then says the song would be called “Ain’t Divorced Yet.”

The hosts also got a scare when they asked to look at what he was wearing and if he was dressed from the bottom, to which he prepped by standing up. Luke said, “I haven’t planned my Zoom wardrobe yet. I’m all blue jeans” to which one of the GMA anchors said, “Oh, man Luke you just scared us, we didn’t know what we were going to see when you stood up.”

Luke quipped, “Hey I’ve seen all the epic fails, so I’m foolproof right there.”