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Thomas Rhett is the father to three little girls, all under the age of five, and while some parents joke that going from two to three is hard because you have to switch from man-to-man to zone defense, Thomas says, “I thought that adding three to the mix would be a lot harder but it really just tacks on a little bit to the chaos. I think when you have more than two kids, you could have five, six, seven.”

Thomas isn’t saying that he and his wife Lauren will be having seven kids and he also isn’t claiming that having three young kids is a walk in the park, but he points out, “It does get harder but I think that as they kind of become into that one and a half-year-old to two-year range it starts to get a little bit easier. I would say the infant stage is definitely the hardest. But I think once Lennon starts to get six months to a year, I think it’s gonna be just fine.”

Lennon is five and a half months old now.

Thomas recently posted a video of his daughter painting his toenails, he said, “This is invigorating.”

This is invigorating

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