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As Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani release their new duet tomorrow (7/24) called “Happy Anywhere,” Blake spoke to People magazine their five-year-long relationship.

He said, “An Okie boy and a California girl look on paper like an unlikely match, but what matters is she’s a great human being. She is the most understanding, kind-hearted person I’ve ever met and I learn something from her every day.

The couple have spent quarantine at his Oklahoma Ranch and they’ve been taking advantage of a little more free time in their schedules. Shelton says, “The simple pleasure of being together in one place for an extended period of time has been a real gift. We cook, we clean, we ride four-wheelers and we just enjoy being with each other and with family.”

The new video for “Happy Anywhere” was shot in Oklahoma, and Blake says it’s a peek at their everyday life together, “There was a camera shooting the things we do every day. We make biscuits, fish, sing together, spend time with family … just a day in life!”

He adds, “We’re all still socially distancing, so there’s no better time to be happy anywhere with the person or people you love. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are — as long as you’re with them, you’re happy.”