Country News

Miranda Lambert topped the country charts for the first time in six years with her latest single “Bluebird.”

She discussed the song with us, saying: “I don’t consider myself optimistic necessarily. I’m not carefree. I’m definitely a worrier and I’m a planner and I think I’ve gotten a little more laid back in my 30s. But I definitely I need to hear the message in ‘Bluebird,’ too, because I have to remind myself to keep a bluebird in my heart also.”

Lambert added, “And that’s the whole point of this song, is to keep hope into to have that little bit of optimism. And so definitely a perfect song for a perfect time.”

“Bluebird” is the second single from her album Wildcard, which she co-wrote with Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick.

The song has amassed more than 130 million on-demand streams.