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Blake Shelton got threats from Taylor Swift fans after he responded to a tweet about Swift’s new album Folklore.

A fan of Taylor’s posted to Twitter, “Blake Shelton’s new song with Gwen Stefani, ‘Happy Anywhere,’ might block Taylor Swift’s new single ‘Cardigan’ from hitting #1.” She then tweeted, “if cardigan doesn’t go #1 i’m personally burning down blake shelton’s home.”

Blake responded, “Well at least you’ll be getting out of your moms basement for a while! Hey maybe she’ll pack you a lunch for your trip over here!! Maybe a hotdog? A hotdog with a nice big weenie in it.. That you can eat..”

After deleting the tweet Shelton wrote on Twitter, “Woah woah woah.. Everybody calm down here. I’m gonna delete the hot dog tweet. But stop filling up my mentions with threats and mean s— and we can all get along here! See how that works?”

Shelton then followed up with a compliment for Swift saying, “By the way to those asking.. I like Betty the best off Folklore.. 3 reasons. It’s pretty country, it’s my dogs name. AND it drops the F bomb. Triple threat..”

He followed that tweet up with, “Stream Cardigan? My god I’ve been listening to the album since Friday morning!!!! Non stop!!!.”