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Dan + Shay are back in a big way with their brand new single “I Should Probably Go To Bed,” which the guys recorded and produced themselves in Dan’s homemade studio during the quarantine.

The duo was set to embark on their first huge headlining tour when the pandemic hit in March and the world changed, forcing them to stay home in Nashville.

As Dan shared with us, the pandemic caused the guys to stop and look around them. He said, “I think it caused us to slow down and put things in perspective. Otherwise, we were just running for the last eight years. We were always on the road and never taking a moment to stop and appreciate all the other cool things that we had accomplished along the way. I think this moment is to pause for a little bit and take a look at everything and just be grateful for what we have.”

He added, “I know it’s been a challenging time for us, for everybody else in the world, but, I think there’s been a lot of good lessons that come from this. And I think we’re going to come out on this the other side a little bit stronger.”