Country News

Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley are expecting their third child soon and as Tyler told us, he wants to raise all his kids like he was raised, in the country.

Tyler says, “Growing up in Georgia was a great place to grow up. I kinda grew up in the middle of nowhere, Monroe, Georgia, out in the country, which as a kid, I mean that’s kind of the dream to grow up in the country, be able to run around and play ride dirt bikes and goof off and ride your bike your friend’s house, and just had a lot of fun.”

Hubbard adds, “I think it’s neat, the lifestyle, the pace of life. Just growing up in the country was really cool so, you know, I look forward to hopefully raising my kids in a similar environment, outside of Nashville somewhere, and getting to play and hang out and enjoy being outdoors and run around the country.”

The family is out west this week in Colorado. Tyler’s wife Hayley posted to Instagram, “We made it! Decided to venture out of Nashville for one last trip before baby #3 is here. So happy to be in one of our happy places in this fresh mountain air and Luca is so happy to be wearing my hat.”