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As many parents are struggling with the choice to send their kids back to school in person or online, Luke Bryan said his two sons Bo and Tate will be going back to school in person, when the Tennessee school district they are in starts in a week or two.

Luke said, “My boys will be back in school. I think they want to be around their friends.”

Back in March when the pandemic hit, Bryan and his wife Caroline, like many, were forced to be parents and teachers, and he said it’s didn’t go great. He said, “I believe that never more in the history of human society have teachers been more appreciated. You must be born to be a teacher, because me and my wife, we both learned that we are not teachers, nor do we have the patience to homeschool.”

With all that’s going on in the world today, Luke says he and his wife tell the boys like it is, saying, “We don’t sugarcoat what’s going on in society. We tell ’em that you’re gonna go back to school and you’re going to have some buddies that don’t have to go to school and sorry, that don’t apply to you. Your school is allowing school and go back and enjoy it and make the most of it.”