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Was it a mess up or did CBS just mistakenly reveal the lineup that was supposed to be a big surprise?

Tonight is the season premiere of the CBS reality show Big Brother. It’s the show’s 20th year. About a dozen contestants are all locked up in a house for a few months, cut off from the outside world. No TV. No radio. No internet. No cell phones. Instead they actually have to talk to each other and build relationships. One by one they vote each other out of the house until there is only one left who wins a big cash prize, usually a half million.

This season, CBS is bringing back former contestants. Some won. Some want a second chance. It was supposed to be a big secret as to which houseguests are returning, but it looks like CBS might have made a blunder. A new advertisement for their streaming service which lets you watch what’s going on in the house 24/7 unedited has a shot of 8 former contestants. Seems to me that it’s safe to assume they are on the show this season. Or is CBS throwing us a curve ball to make us THINK we know who’ll be revealed tonight? This graphic shows 8 contestants that many have been speculating will be a part of the show this summer.


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