Country News

Granger Smith is part of Kane Brown Drive In Concert experience which will be shown in Drive-ins all over the country this weekend.

Granger, who released his 10th album today (9/25) called Country Things, told us of the event, “Kane and I got together in a big warehouse in Nashville and recorded this set. And then I went separately with my band and recorded another set here at what we call the Yee Yee Farm in Texas.”

He added, “What is a strange thing is that a lot of people will gather to listen to music and get together with all the friends, but neither Kane or I will be there at all and we won’t be a part of it at all that night.”

Smith also told us that he’s not real big on drive-in concert replacing good old fashioned in person, touching fan kind of concerts. He said, “I think there’s gonna be a lack of intimacy that exists between a musician and a fan that eye contact that the guitar player has only when he’s doing his solo and he looks down at the front row and when the singer hits a certain lyric and he reaches his hands up towards the sky and someone in the crowd sees that and feels that kinetic energy between them I think that just that can’t be replaced.”

Tickets are on sale for Saturday night’s drive in show here.