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Keith Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman and their two young daughters have been together a lot during the pandemic like most families have across America and beyond.

Keith told us, “Yeah. We’ve gotten very, very close through this period. We’re a tight little family because we travel a lot and even if we have Nic shooting a film somewhere, we just relocate as a family. And so the kids have had a little bit of experience with remote learning because of that kind of lifestyle. So that wasn’t a big shock to them. But, yeah, we’ve definitely got gotten way tighter through this period.”

He adds, “That’s real love, right? I guess it makes you appreciate who you have and the love that you guys do have. I know that it’s made me really recognize letting go the small things, you know, just the little things that might irritate me or whatever. It makes you look at the big picture more.”