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Blake Shelton won an ACM Award a few weeks back for his song “God’ A Country” for Single of Year and he accepted the honor live although he was in Los Angeles and not in Nashville for the show.

As Blake joked with Ellen this week, he really missed being there in person st the ACMs for the pure glory of winning among his peers. Blake said, “It was very weird you know especially in the country music world most of us are all friends and so, you know you look for that moment when you’re up there accepting your award and you see all your buddies that lost to you.”

He added, “You can kind of give ’em a wink or flip them off, you know as soon as you go to commercial break and there was none of that on this you just had to literally act gracious and you couldn’t rub it in people’s faces. So, that part of it sucked.”

Blake Shelton Misses Joking Around with His Friends at Award Shows

Blake Shelton recently won an Academy of Country Music Award virtually, and he told Ellen how it was not only weird to accept the prize without an audience, he also missed seeing and joking around with the friends who lost to him.