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Maren Morris’ brand new video “Better Than We Found It” made its worldwide debut last night (10/1) and the reaction to the socially conscious video has been opinionated.

Maren posted to Instagram, “Better Than We Found It, the video. Grateful for everyone in the video who told their story & for for sharing them so beautifully.”

Reactions from her fellow country stars came in right away with Carly Pearce writing, “Just beautiful.” Other stars that commented were Caylee Hammack who wrote simply, “Perfect” and Michelle Branch who responded to the video saying, “Beautiful. Thank You.”

Morris’ video also made a huge splash on Twitter as fans reacted to her video by saying, “Between this and ‘Dear Hate,’ you have proven to be one of the voices of clarity that we all need in troubled times. Thank you for raising your voice & speaking your truth so that we all might be better for it.”

Other fans reacted to Maren’s video by saying, “I’ve been a proud fan of yours for a long time, but never more proud than right now. Beautifully done, thank you so much for this. This is the anthem we need!!”

While another fan wrote, “As a trans woman. Thank you. You stand for all women. Regardless of who we were born as.”

One fan from Norway said to Maren on Twitter, “If this video hurts your career, you will gain in respect from those who really care and in the long run be a winner.”

Another said, “I believe that God wants our hearts above all else @MarenMorris and I can’t help but think that He has touched yours Palms up together.”