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Morgan Wallen did some serious playing around last weekend as he appeared in several college girls’ Tik Tok videos partying in Alabama with no mask and no social distancing.

Morgan Wallen at the same house party as me?????? #fyp @morganwallen

nams (@samiambih) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | Morgan Wallen at the same house party as me?????? #fyp @morganwallen


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Just before his partying started, Morgan was announced as a musical guest on the October 1o episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. It’s his first appearance on a show and is a big deal for any music artist.

He posted to Instagram, “SNL. Some Back Forty Boys on the Big Screen. GAHT.”

Wallen’s story of partying was featured in many major news sources, including The New York Post who wrote, “Big thanks to the SNL subreddit or I would have no idea that Morgan Wallen, this week’s SNL musical guest, has been seen in tons of TikTok videos all weekend partying and making out with girls? during a pandemic? the same week he’s performing at SNL???”

Some people were Tweeting about it one saying, “Still just wondering if this guy is going to let everyone at @nbcsnl know his activities this past weekend. You know since he probably won’t have time to quarantine and all before he gets to 30 Rock.”

Another said, “Aahhh…isn’t Morgan Wallen supposed to be on @nbcsnl this weekend! How is his partying all weekend going to work with their Covid precautions??”)

Saturday Night Live has yet to comment. But SNL creator Lorne Michaels gave multiple interviews in the lead-up to the new season explaining the show’s new safety procedures, including everyone’s taking rapid coronavirus tests before they enter the building. There are restrictions on the number of crew members. Each person has to wear a mask at all times, including performers, until right before they go on camera. And if someone tests positive, everyone will be required to quarantine for two weeks. Fox Business reports that there are even restrictions for the limited audience members.