Country News

Darius Rucker will be hosting the CMA Awards next month along with Reba; it’s his first time in the hosting seat.

Having recently moved to Nashville, Darius has also stayed busy writing songs and working on his next country album, but he’s missing being on the road and playing for fans live.

Rucker told us, “The toughest thing is looking at the calendar, not knowing when you will play again. You know, we always had that even if you were off for a month or two months, you always had that date where you were going to start playing shows again and not having that is tough.”

He adds, “And then being home and having to deal with life and me and Jack here in Nashville, you fight a little bit of depression. But I had songwriting to keep me going. I started writing this record and that was exciting to me because the songs were so good and I’m so happy.”

Darius does say for him the time in quarantine has had a plus side. “You see a lot of great art coming out of it. I love the songs that come out for me. And, you know, I’m closer to my kids, especially my son. We’re closer than we’ve ever been. So that’s cool.”