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Maren Morris shared her story of being “mom shamed” with Jada Pinkett Smith on her Red Table Talk series.

Maren explained in a video that was shot in her tour bus after the ACM Awards, “It was Fourth of July and I was at the lake with my family and my son Hayes and I had my son on an inflatable golf cart float and it was tied to the dock it was very shallow and I didn’t have and I didn’t have a baby life vest on him. So, immediately once I posted every comment was like, ‘Why don’t you have a life vest on him? He could easily fall off your arms, off the float and into the water.”

Morris then shared with the ladies at the table, which included Pinkett’s daughter Willow, “I just find it really unfortunate because we all try to do our best, we love our babies. It feels like a bigger betrayal when it’s a mom that’s shaming another mother because they’ve been there too.”

Since that time, Maren covers her son’s face when she posts anything about him on her social media. Most recently she posted that her son was six month old when a picture of the family and Hayes’ face turned away.

She wrote at the time, “6 months ago today, our boy was born. He smiled early and stared at you intently like he had known you in a past life. He eats all the green foods I would never touch, and I think we’ve only heard him really cry 4 different times. We are honestly just waiting for the spell to wear off and he becomes a terror, but so far, he’s just been our sweet, sensitive son. Happy half year, Bub.”