Country News

Maren Morris has been recording some virtual shows at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium this week for an audience of just two, her husband Ryan and her baby boy Hayes.

She posted to Instagram along with some pictures of her performing on stage, “1st virtual show down and it felt so good. I hope y’all don’t mind me flooding your feed this week with show photos because it’s just been TOO damn long.”

Last night Maren’s husband Ryan Hurd posted to Instagram along with a picture of baby Hayes with headphone on, “just the boys watching the girl. tried to tell him that these things don’t happen, but he doesn’t really know english yet so someday i’ll have to explain that his first show was just me and him in an empty ryman watching his mom make magic.”

A couple of fellow artists responded, including Russell Dickerson who wrote, “Amazing bro” and Lindsay Ell who said, “So special.”