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When Luke Combs performed and won three awards at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles earlier this month, it was like no award show experience he had ever had.

Luke told us of the rather isolating night, “It was a very tight show. Regulations and restrictions were very high, I was telling someone earlier I don’t think I saw another artist for the entire show. I believe I was tested (for COVID-19) probably three times before and during the show. I went up it was just me and my piano player Neil and that was really it. A couple folks from my team were there with me as well, but it was really tight. LA is very locked down, there’s not a lot going on, you still can’t go eat in a restaurant or anything like that.”

He added, “It was a lot of sitting around in the hotel room and sitting on your hands and waiting to go do something. And when you were at the venue it was like you get in, you do your thing and then you leave. Everyone’s dressing rooms were closed there was not a lot going on. So, it was different for sure.”

Combs was aware that he was a winner though beforehand. He said, “I was aware that I had won one award and was not told what award that was but I knew that I would have to give a speech after the song for a award.”

Luke won three 2020 Billboard Music Awards that night (10/14) including Country Artist, Country Male Artist and Country Album for What You See Is What You Get.

Luke Combs – Country Superstar