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Halloween is the favorite holiday of many famous people as they can dress up and no one knows who they are and they can go about their business of fun without being recognized.

For Tim McGraw, when asked to pick a superhero he would like to dress up as for Halloween, he says, “Of course, instinctively, you want to say Superman so you could fly but since I’m a pilot I can already fly”

He adds, “I think you’d want to be the Invisible Man, wouldn’t you? Mainly because you could observe without being observed.”

McGraw recently sent a gift to Blanco Brown after his recovery from a bad car crash.

Blanco posted to Instagram, “@thetimmcgraw this literally made my entire year…Wow wow wow,I’m absolutely speechless!!! If ya’ll know me or have followed my story any bit, you’d know that Tim has inspired me since my childhood and to this very day/ last album #HereOnEarth, he’s never failed to create timeless music.”

he added, To now own one of his very own personal cowboy hats is just next level… To my manager @jasonblackbox @weareblackboxyou made magic happen…Thank You!!!!!!!.”

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