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Kip Moore will release his Wild World Deluxe album on February 12, 2021 offering four new tracks on the extended release of his fourth studio album.

Moore also dropped the first new track on the album today called “Don’t Go Changing,” and shared the new music video for the song, which was shot at independent music venues across Nashville, including The 5 Spot, The End, The Basement, Mercy Lounge and Exit/In as a call to action to fans to help support and donate to Music Venue Alliance Nashville.

The organization’s key goal is currently to help independent music venues working to survive during the pandemic, as well as retaining and nurturing the eco-system of Nashville, TN’s beloved music scene.

Kip posted to Instagram, “Music venues all over the country are closing their doors and not coming back. I keep hearing people talk about how they can’t wait till live music is a thing again, but if we don’t support these venues we love, there won’t be any venues left once things are so called « normal » again. I’m currently ok in my situation, but I haven’t lost sight of those that aren’t & the catastrophic wreckage that Covid will leave behind if we don’t open our eyes and take action.”

He added, “We filmed all these shots in some of my favorite venues here in Nashville. These venues were my escape when I first moved to town, where other artist and bands lit my soul on fire, and the place where I felt I could reach what I was going for. I’ve left a link here where you can learn more on how to save these venues and hold them up till they can open their doors again. Thanks to all that decide to help. #keep615live.”

Donate HERE.

Kip Moore