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One day out from the Presidential election and seven months into a Global pandemic, there is a lot of stress surrounding all of us in this odd 2020 year. Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line shares how he copes with stress.

Brian says, “I think we both have found a lot of peace of mind and body and soul and everything in exercise, workin’ out, yoga, trying to stay active. Definitely think that helps out with worrying and just getting, maybe a little anxious.”

Before learning to use physical activity to calm his worries, Kelley said, “I used to beat myself up about worrying some, and I’ve gotten better about it, but I think when you’re thankful for the things you have and the things that matter there is a little bit of a good worry because you don’t want to lose that. You wanna keep working hard.”

He recommends staying active to combat some of the physical effects of stress, but he also says encourages people not to keep it bottled up inside. Brian says, “Call a friend, call someone you need. But worry can get the best of you. It’s a daily fight but you’ve just gotta trust God, trust yourself and get out there and get it.”

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