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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are hitting the airwaves with their new duet, “Shallow,” and they explain how they came to redo a song that was already a huge hit for Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper.

Trisha and Garth performed their impromptu rendition of the song several months ago live on Facebook when someone suggested and requested it.

She explains, “We didn’t ever actually say, ‘Hey – we’re gonna cover this song that was a huge hit for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper!’ It just started to get its own momentum going…and then we did it again.”

Garth says, “My thing is just, ‘Did Trisha and I – and the band – do the best we could with a song that we believed in? I hope they will see it as the nod to them – and the appreciation to what they did – that it was intended to be.”

A clip of their performance has garnered over a million views.

“Shallow” will be included on Garth’s new album, FUN, which is being released on November 20.

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