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Garth Brooks encouraged fans to vote last night (11/2) on his Studio G stream on Facebook.

Garth said, “Vote. Just vote. Let your voice be heard. Let it all represent us as a nation.” He continued, while also adding a hope for the days that follow, “Don’t forget to love one another. Get out and vote. Do it respectfully. Respect others’ opinions. And let’s all be a family together, okay?”

Meanwhile, his wife Trisha Yearwood posted to Instagram (11/2), “I’m so excited about the release of Garth’s and my version of Shallow! After you vote, (and make sure your friends vote!) practice some self-care over the next few days. Cook. Read. Listen to music. Get some fresh air. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m not a doctor, but I bet it will lower your blood pressure! xoxo, trisha #loveoneanother.”

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