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Miranda Lambert is riding a horse in her video for “Settling Down.” She looks pretty confident on that horse, but in reality, she was quite nervous.

Miranda explains, “The horse in the video is my horse, Gibson. He and I have been on a journey together. He’s very strong and powerful and I’m still a pretty green rider. I had picked out my other horse Leeani to ride in this video because I trust her a lot. She’s safe but

Trey [Fanjoy] had loved the look of Gibson and I was kind of fighting it because I was a little scared.”

Lambert then put her fears aside, saying, “I decided to give it a try and I got on Gibson and practiced for a while. I took it more as a hurdle that I need to get over anyway and now I had an excuse. So I ended up riding Gibson in the video and I think the tension of me being a little afraid actually worked in my favor but Gibson and I just had a really… we had a bonding moment that we really needed to have.”

She adds, “It was a beautiful video all around. I had a lot of special things with my husband, my horse and my happy place and a song that I wrote with two friends. It really is one of those videos that’s like once in a lifetime.”

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