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When Luke Combs was asked about his nomination for the CMA Entertainer of the Year honor at this month’s (11/11) award show in Nashville, he admitted that winning the honor was a goal that he was “gunning” for.

Luke told us, “It’s obviously an honor to be nominated, I think a little bit unexpected, but I am excited, I’m glad to be there and that my group of my peers think that I’m good enough to be in that conversation.”

He added that he’d be okay with losing as well, saying, “Obviously I think everybody in that category would tell you they would love to win, as would I, but I think it’s fine to not win as well. I would be totally fine with that. Just being there and being nominated is really cool, and I know people always say that, but winning would be great, and losing would be fine too.”

Meanwhile, Luke recorded a video message to fans about the success of his new What You See Is What You Get Deluxe album. He wrote on Instagram to his fans, “THANK YOU. I’m proud. And I want y’all to be too. What WE did this week was super impressive – No. 1 album and No. 2 song. To me, the numbers just mean a lot of people are enjoying the music, and that’s why I do this.”

He concluded with, “I love country music and having the opportunity to make music for y’all that you can relate to and enjoy, and I’ll continue to give my all towards that and us have fun for a long time.”

You can see the post HERE.

Luke Combs