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When Tyler Hubbard tested positive for COVID-19 last week, it put his family in a bit of a tailspin and his infant son has had to move in temporarily with the family’s nanny away from Tyler, his wife and two toddlers.

Tyler’s wife Hayley took to Instagram last night (11/9) to share details of the tough week that the family has been having since the diagnosis. She wrote, “Tyler tested positive for COVID 19 — but luckily so far we’re all still negative & he’s asymptomatic for the most part.”

She continued, “With all the craziness going on this year it’s extra confirmation how little is in our control. I did have a freak out moment and told Tyler not take it personally because it wasn’t his fault, but yes I was frustrated at the sequence of events and how it seemingly felt like I had to pull most of the weight the last couple months with his surgery right before birth of our 3rd child and now this while we have a newborn that I can’t see for 14 days and 2 very active toddlers…and not to mention it has put some of my projects on hold that I’ve been so excited about.”

Hayley then said, “After my ‘moment’ I chose to think of all the MANY positive things, one being that I get lots of one on one time with Olivia and Luca. There’s so much to be grateful for and I can’t wait for Tyler to finish his quarantine so we can all be together as a family again!!”

Tyler himself posted yesterday (11/9) to Instagram, “Got the Rona. Asymptomatic. Quarantining on bus. Miss my family. Thankful.”

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