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Maren Morris did a handful of interviews last week in Nashville as she prepared for the CMA Awards, (she ended up winning three awards at the show).

Maren told Taste Of Country about her baby Hayes and his latest accomplishment. She gushed, “Any day now, [Hayes] is going to crawl. He has been up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth. He is so close to moving forward with some momentum. Any day now, he’ll be a crawler.”

Morris added that she’s already seeing changes in her home with an increasingly mobile baby, “It’s funny how much crap an infant acquires over time. Add what the grandparents give you, and it’s just…oh my gosh, it’s everywhere. I’m trying, because I’m kind of a neat freak, to just collect it every morning, but it ends up just exploding everywhere.”

With Christmas right around the corner there’s bound to be even more stuff for Hayes to play with. Morris says, “We told [the grandparents] not to get us any Christmas gifts this year and give it all to the grandkids. We don’t need anything. Just give them to the babies under the tree.”

Maren Morris