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Chris Young is releasing a new song call “Famous Friends” and it, in fact, features his famous friend Kane Brown. The new song will be available to stream on Friday (11/20).

Young celebrates his own real-life friends back home in Murfreesboro and Nashville, Tennessee in the song. “I’ve got some famous friends / you’ve probably never heard of. But back in Rutherford County our crowd is second to none / You might not know ‘em here in this big city we’re in / But when I go back home I’ve got some famous friends.”

Written by Young with Cary Barlowe and Corey Crowder in 2018, Chris and Kane first teased the track on social media. The autobiographical song mentions Rutherford County, where Chris grew up in Tennessee, and Kane’s hometown of Hamilton County along with Nashville’s Davidson County – a.k.a. Music City.

Young says, “This song is a piece of me and it means a lot because it’s honest and it’s real-life. Plus, Kane and I are good friends and being able to have that history together, it adds a whole other level to the track. ’Famous Friends’ is one of my favorite songs – it’s personal and it’s a lot of fun, so I’m glad it’s getting out there for people to hear it.”

Chris Young