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For Luke Combs, Thanksgiving is a big deal. He told us, “I value Thanksgiving a lot. You know, I value family. I value friends and time spent with those people is something that money can’t buy and something that you can never get back. So, I always take Thanksgiving off- the entire week of Thanksgiving every year so that my band and crew can spend time with their families.”

Back when he was still touring, he didn’t want fans to stray from their family to take in a concert. Combs said, “I also don’t want anybody making plans to come see our show, you know, the night before Thanksgiving because I just feel like that time should be spent with the people that are most important to you. There’s other times to go out and do a show and you know sing songs and make money I think that Thanksgiving is too important to be looked over.”

Luke just recently won two CMA Awards (Male Vocalist and Album of the Year) at the CMA Awards, he posted shortly after, “What a night! Thank you @cma and thank you all! #cmaawards.”

Luke Combs