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Just before the CMA Awards earlier this month, Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line tested positive for Covid-19, which meant he had to quarantine away from his family by parking his tour bus in his driveway and living in it by himself for almost two weeks.

Now he’s back with his family and is feeling great. He said, “I’m good. Honestly, I feel really fortunate. I was able to have 13 days of alone time on the bus, which was bittersweet. I missed my family like crazy but I didn’t feel terrible so I got to make the most of it.”

During his time of living on the bus, Tyler posted multiple videos of new songs he had written in quarantine, including a song he wrote for this 3-year-old daughter Liv, called “Thank God for Girls.”

As for his foot which has been in a boot for months now after a bike crash, he says getting it fully healed is a process, but he also admits, “I haven’t been doing my physical therapy the way I should in quarantine, so I’m gettin’ back on that and gettin’ this old thing workin’ again.”

Tyler is also looking to a great 2021 after the holidays. He said, “I’m feeling really grateful and really blessed and excited. I feel like we’re at the end of a crazy season and the beginning of an awesome one, for sure. It may be another crazy one but I believe it’s gonna be awesome.”

Florida Georgia Line