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A few years back, Chris Stapleton was taking part in a tribute to Dolly Parton for the Grammys and he had a chance encounter with Katy Perry who was also performing. An offhand comment ended up offending the pop diva.

Stapleton told us, “We were backstage at the Dolly Parton tribute at the Grammys and we were both performing on that and I never met her before and we struck up a conversation waiting our turn for soundcheck backstage. I said something that was self deprecating, probably, ‘Oh, well, we’re just musicians’ or something to that effect, ┬áto which she said, ‘Well, you know, that’s offensive to me and you. We’re healers. We have an important job.'”

Chris adds, “It was very enlightening in that moment, and I apologized; in no way was it meant to insult her or musicians in general, but yeah, it changed my thinking quite a bit.”

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