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Florida Georgia Line’s latest single, “Long Live,” is actually a song they had been holding onto for a year or two before they decided to put it on their new album, Life Rolls On.

Tyler Hubbard says of the song, “I remember being on the road, and we were on the Tree Vibez bus with Josh Miller, David Garcia and Corey Crowder. And we felt like the whole time that we were channeling that 2012 Florida Georgia Line and just some of that real feel good, nostalgic party music.”

Even though the duo are always writing songs together, “Long Live” was one that seemed to stick with them. Tyler said, “I don’t know, it just had a really good energy and really positive and felt like it just took us back down memory lane every time we heard it. So, we just continued to listen to it and fall in love with it more and more over the course of the next year. And then came time to cut the album, we said this song is a no-brainer. It has to go on this album.”

He added, “It feels like such a big song and such a necessary song and a timely song, and even more timely now than ever.”

The duo just performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel.

Florida Georgia Line - Long Live

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