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Maren Morris and husband Ryan Hurd will be celebrating their son Hayes’ first birthday this month, but in keeping with the pandemic rules, they will have a relatively small party to mark the big occasion.

Maren told us, “We’re going to I think, have just our parents and other siblings over. We’re still nervous about I mean… the thing with us is we can’t really take many chances because if we get COVID, that means that we can’t go to something really important that we have on the calendar.”

Ryan added, “So we’re trying our best to make sure that doesn’t happen, so everything we do is real small. We’ll have a small birthday party for him.”

Born at the beginning of the pandemic, Hayes has spent a lot of time with both parents as touring and other work was off the table for the year.

The couple have enjoyed many things in their new baby’s life and have noticed that he may be a musical kind of guy. Ryan offers, “He loves the piano. He loves when I let him sit at the piano with me and he just bangs on the keys.”

Morris quips, “But he’s not Mozart. Not yet, but you never know.”

He is a happy baby though, Ryan says, “Other people tell us you’ve got to really chill, baby. He’s very happy, very smiley. He has his two front teeth in now and there’s so gapped. It’s adorable.”

Maren adds, “And he he loves to sing and scream. He’s not a very whiney baby he’s just very vocal. He loves to sing.”

Both parents did disclose that Hayes will have a “smash cake” at his party to get his hands and face into.

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