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Maren Morris has been composing and recording music during the pandemic and she spoke to us about what her third album may sound like.

“I am still writing. I’ve recorded a bulk of the songs, but I’m kind of giving myself this time to just see if I get any other songs in the in the mix. I feel like I have a really strong batch of songs that I’ve already recorded with Greg Kurstin, my producer, and I love the sound direction that it’s heading in, but there’s no timeline.”

She explains, “I mean, Girl is almost two years old, so I don’t feel rushed to make album three. But I’m certainly really excited about the sonic direction it’s heading in. It feels very back to my roots and I mean in a handful I wrote with Ryan (Hurd) while in quarantine.”

Morris concluded, “There’s no date on it yet but I’m really enjoying just kind of finding the footing of where it’s going. This is like the best part before anyone hears it, you just get to figure it out yourself. Like what does this sound like? What’s the theme? What am I what am I saying? And I’m in the thick of that right now.”

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