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Maren Morris admits that when it comes to releasing songs to country radio, she’s quite superstitious. However with her new song with husband Ryan Hurd, she put her superstitions aside.

Maren told us, “Typically, if a single is going to radio, I’m always like, ‘Don’t say anything about it, don’t get excited because it won’t go number one if you blow it right off the gate.'”

Morris adds, “Now I just don’t have that superstition attached where it’s like with ‘Chasing After You,’ I was like, ‘Ryan, I think this song is going to be a number one and I don’t feel scared saying stuff anymore because I feel really hopeful and optimistic about it.”

Maren did have one song that didn’t do as well as the others. She offered, “My last single ‘To Hell and Back’ and was my lowest charting single on the chart that I’ve ever put out and it’s a great song. I’m really proud of it. Sometimes you just have a song that doesn’t like the timing … Covid also is part of why, but I think maybe in some therapeutic way, that song of mine not doing as well as my previous ones or like ‘The Bones,’ gave me some pressure taken off, like, ‘Okay, that one didn’t go as high and I still survived it.'”

Ryan and Maren