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Most every album that comes out of Nashville is recorded in some sort of studio whether it be on Music Row or elsewhere. Miranda Lambert’s new The Marfa Tapes, however, was recorded around a Texas campfire.

Miranda shared, “Out in West Texas, it just kind of feels like the songs fall out of the sky and it’s just a beautiful place, you know, and a long history of friendship between the three of us (Jon Randall and Jack Ingram) and so every song on The Marfa Tapes is written by all three and we kind of divide up who sang what and sat around a fire and sang it through a microphone.”

She added, “Every song on The Marfa Tapes is written by the three of us over the last six years. We’ve been going out there to sort of disappear from the world and create this music.”

Lambert shared some sounds from the upcoming album on her Instagram recently. She wrote, “We took 2 microphones out to Marfa, TX and documented how the songs unfolded. We did one take and these songs are just meant to be very raw, real and in the moment. @jackingram @jonrandallmusic.”

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