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Every now and then comes dog so great, that a song is written about them and such is the case of Chris Stapleton’s beloved dog Maggie, who has a song (“Maggie’s Song”) dedicated to her on Chris’s latest album Starting Over.

Stapleton told us of the song, “She deserved the tribute of a song, whether or not I did her justice in a song. She was a dog that deserved a song so I wrote a song about her the day after she died.”

He added of how the song found its way onto his latest album, “That song happened to carry through to me a feeling to play it live and we wound up in the studio and we recorded it. And now it lives in the world to make people more sad than they deserve to be in a year that we don’t need much of that. But I love that dog very much and she as a great member of our family.”

The songs sings in part, “Just a fuzzy black pup / She was hungry and feeling alone / We put her in the back seat / Told her we were taking her home / Run, Maggie, run / With the heart of a rebel child / Oh, run, Maggie, run / Be just as free as you are wild.”

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