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Miranda Lambert has had a great week as she won a Grammy for her album Wildcard and performed on the Grammys on Sunday night (3/14).

Miranda talked with People magazine while out on California for the Grammys and talked about her husband Brendan.

She said she’s been enjoying going on road trips with him over the past few months. “When you travel for a living, sometimes you don’t want to travel on your time off, so that was another positive thing about being forced to be off tour. I got to go see some actually see some things.”

She added that they listened to crime podcasts while on the road, saying, “My husband really can put up with me. That was good news. We got married not that long ago and so we were really had a lot of togetherness. We got to really know each other. It was fun.”

Brendan posted to Instagram after the Grammys saying, “I could not be more proud of this wonderful woman I get to call my wife. Last night you continue to show the world how being true to yourself rewards you. Watching this album go from being just a thought to celebrating your Grammy victory was magical. I cannot wait to be a part of the future magic you create.”

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