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Kane Brown enjoyed a “super dad moment” recently when his daughter Kingsley, who will be two in October, recognized her dad’s music.

Kane told Access Hollywood, “I didn’t really know if she knew my music, we were doing our thing outside at the pool and my song ‘Be Like That’ came on and she immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at the radio and just walked over towards it. I was like, ‘Okay so you do know my songs,’ it was a super proud dad moment.”

Brown also talked about how he strives to make his daughter laugh. He said, “Anytime she frowns I hit the ground. She loves to wake me up by standing on my head, she loves to give me kisses when I sleep and she loves to hit me in the face and make herself laugh.”

Kane has been working on a new album project and told Access Hollywood, “I’m trying to be pretty strategic of the songs that I pick and just trying to make them sound completely different. I’ve been listening to all kinds of music from, this is gonna sound crazy, but from Slipknot to Sam Cooke.”


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