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Garth Brooks is full of optimism and excitement as he talked on his Facebook series Studio G about reviving an old friend named Chris Gaines who he created in 1999. Garth recorded an album where he donned a black wig and became “Chris Gaines.”

Garth said after fan questions asked him about revisiting his In the Life of Chris Gaines album, “I can’t tell you anything except…you’re going to have it in every format you can possibly imagine. You’re going to have Chris Gaines stuff nobody’s ever heard before, either. I love that project, so I’m excited.”

Meanwhile, Brooks revealed he kicked off his week in a songwriting session with a couple of very talented people. He said, “I got to write with Ashley McBryde today, which…I’ve never got to [do]. So that was pretty friggin’ cool. And Mitch Rossell. And the truth is – Mitch will back me up on this – me and Mitch just kind of sat and watched her. She just tore it up! And I can tell you exactly what we wrote! Something country.”

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