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Kane Brown and his buddy Chris Young recently talked about March Madness basketball.

Chris said to Kane, “I don’t know. What’s your favorite thing about March Madness? Brown replies, “I just love the competitiveness. I’m a huge basketball fan. I also love betting and I always think that my bracket is going to be 100% and I fail every time but I always – you know that’s my favorite thing about it.”

Young adds, “Mine is making a bracket. And I missed it so much last year. Obviously, there was a lot of circumstances that made it impossible but looks like it’s gonna happen this year. We gotta get like a bracket challenge or something,” to which Kane says, “Mine’s going to be 100% until it’s not.”

In a separate video, the famous friends continue as Chris says, “I’m pumped that March Madness is happening this year. I mean I know you’re a huge basketball fan . It was kind of one of the last sports that I really got into and became a fan of and it was actually college basketball first because of just what the tournament is and how cool it is and all the teams playing each other.”

Kane says, “Yeah, I feel like college they try a lot harder because they’re trying to get to that next step of the NBA so I’m really just excited to see the new players that’s gonna make that jump and see who wants it more.”

Young then asks, “You think it’s Chalk this year? Brown says, “I have no idea.” Then Chris pipes in, “Gonzaga looks good.”

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