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While he wouldn’t say exactly what he is planning, Garth Brooks is teasing something happening on April Fools Day.

Garth said on his Studio G weekly Facebook Live, “We’re going to do something April Fools [Day] – April 1. It’s not going to be an April Fools [joke, but] you’re going to think it is because [it’s] pretty friggin’ cool.”

He added, “Nobody downtown knows about it? I’m excited!”

Brooks also talked about getting back to the business of live shows. He said, “I’m excited about the Stadium Tour to get to hear that song that ‘big.’ It’s funny how ‘Callin’ Baton Rouge’ sounds amazing in an arena, but ‘Callin’ Baton Rouge’ in a stadium sounds friggin’ amazing! It’s amazing how these songs are ‘picked up.’ But I can’t imagine hearing ‘Shallow’ anywhere else than in a stadium…in that wide-open thing. Especially when The Queen” — he’s referring to his wife, Trisha Yearwood — “kinda like throws it into third gear and tears it up.”

Garth also said his Stadium Tour will go on in 2022, “We’re going to end the Stadium Tour in the Summer of ’22. If they drop the green flag on us – and Vegas is the very first one – what comes after that will be…man, this might be the…the hardest sprint I’ve ever gotten to be part of.”

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