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Carrie Underwood is releasing her first gospel album My Savior on Friday (3/26) just in time for Easter and she will be performing a virtual show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Easter Sunday (4/4).

Carrie said that her two sons are no stranger to the songs on the album or any of her music. She offered, “I sing everywhere I go, everything I’m doing. I’m cooking dinner I’m humming or singing to myself. I’m giving them a bath or putting clothes on or whatever. I feel like it just comes out of me and especially now that these songs are really rolling around in my head because I’m practicing and rehearsing and singing them for various – various things.”

Underwood added of the album’s impact on her boys, “I really think it’s going to mark a time in their lives, hopefully that it will be like, ‘Oh, Mom always used to walk around the house singing these songs.’ And hopefully be able to listen back to this album some day and that’ll make them feel a little extra connected.”

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