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Kane Brown tells People that his 18-month old daughter Kingsley is a very easy baby to care for.

Kane said, “She’s super chill. Kind of like me, just laid back, and if she gets mad, she’s super easy to cheer up real quick.” However, he’s not so sure the couple’s next baby will be so easy. He offers, “This one’s so easy that the next one’s probably going to be crazy — at least that’s how everybody tells us it happens.”

Brown said of Kingsley, “We love to go in her room, put on a movie, lay on the floor, and she’ll climb on top of us. Our time is our family time, so it’s just great. She does everything with us, she’s the easiest baby, and we’re just worried about our second one.”

Kane said of his wife, “Kate’s been a great mom and a huge backbone for me if I have to go to the studio or if I go to a writing session. There’s never anything that she can’t handle. She never hits me up and says, ‘Hey you have to leave your write early because I have to do this.’ She’s just there, so she’s awesome.”

Kane and Katelyn