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Luke Combs has been on Twitter and he got the inspiration for his latest new song called “We Still Drink Beer” from a fan’s tweet.

Luke said in a video he posted to Twitter, “We’re writing songs for album three. We were sittin’ here today and started to work on this song and I happen to get on Twitter and see this guy who tweeted me and Miller Lite and was like ‘Hey, if you don’t reply to this I don’t know what to say.'”

He continued, “So I tweeted him back, I believe his name is Billy McKee, that’s what it looks like on Twitter here. However, we referred to you as ‘beer box head guy,’ ’cause in the photo it’s on your wedding day I believe, you’re down on your knee with a beer box on your head and all your buddies are around you drinking beers. It kind of just inspired this song, it absolutely inspired this song.”

He added, “We were like let’s just write that. I know I got a lot of beer songs but here’s another one.”

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