There’s a police officer in Arkansas that is so dedicated to his job that he is 91 and still works a beat 4 days a week.

LC “Buckshot” Smith has worked in law enforcement for more than 56 years, and with his 92nd birthday coming up in May, he says he’ll retire “when the Good Lord says so.”

CNN reports that “Buckshot” Smith, from the small town of Camden, Arkansas, was a sheriff deputy for 46 years before he retired — retirement that lasted for just a few short months. He quickly realized he missed the work.

When Anderson Cooper asked him why he hasn’t retired yet, Buckshot said simply, “I don’t fish, I don’t boat and I wouldn’t have nothing to do.”

“Buckshot” Smith said he loves the excitement of being a police officer and that’s what prompted him to join the force in the 1960s.

From being described as instrumental to annual festivals in Camden, being a court bailiff, conducting the neighborhood watch and sending himself on calls when he hears them come across his radio, “Buckshot” Smith is a cherished member of the force.

Anderson asked Buckshot what is his secret to a long life and he said, “I don’t drink. I got drunk one time and I didn’t like it.”

On the three days of the week “Buckshot” Smith isn’t enforcing the law, he said he likes to attend church services and spend time with his lady friend.