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It looks like Kelly Clarkson will be back on NBC’s The Voice on April 19 according to her posts on Instagram. Last night (4/12) Kelly posted a thank you to Kelsea Balerini for sitting in while she was ill.

She wrote, “From Kelly to Kelsea Thank you @kelseaballerini for taking care of #TeamKelly!”


A couple of hours later Kelly posted, “It’s the last night of battles on ⁦‪@NBCTheVoice‬⁩ tonight! Don’t miss it y’all! #TeamKelly #TheVoice.”

Then, two hours after that she posted a video promo of Snoop Dogg joining the show as a mentor. Clarkson wrote, “Y’all don’t want to miss @SnoopDogg with #TeamKelly next Monday on @NBCTheVoice!! #TheVoice.”

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