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Luke Bryan tested positive for COVID -19 this week and had to bow out of his duties on American Idol and also had to cancel his performance on the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday (4/18).

Luke is nominated for the ACM’s biggest award of the night, Entertainer of the Year, and although he’s won the award a few times before, he is always honored to be nominated.

Bryan said, “It’s just amazing. I look back over my career and I’ve won a couple of Entertainer of the Year awards and every time you see your name with that group of people, you’re just honored by it.”

He adds, “I tell you what, I go on stage each night trying to be the best entertainer I can be and try to make everybody in the crowd, in the room, sing and love one another and have fun. So anytime the ACMs recognizes me for that it’s a dream come true.”

The ACM Awards will air live from Nashville on Sunday, April 18 at 8PM ET on CBS.

ACM Awards – Entertainer